My name is Renae and I am so happy you found my page. Whether, it was by fate or word of mouth, I'm glad you're here. I live in the greater Grand Rapids area with my husband and animals (we are out numbered). I bought a Canon in college to capture my adventures, my memories, and my life. Shortly after, I realized how much I actually enjoyed taking pictures of others and seeing their joy come to life through a simple photo.

I have my degree in Hospitality Management with a focus on Meeting & Event Planning. Since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of my wedding, and how magical it would be (...and it was!). I've spent countless hours planning, prepping, and executing events from weddings to fundraisers to sporting events and more. Each and every one was unique and each and every one was put together by so many people and so many components for one desired outcome; happy attendees.

So putting two of my passions together, hospitality + photography, I decided to start my journey in lifestyle photography. I want to capture those moments that are hard to put in to words, those photos that bring you back to a memory, and those glimpses that bring back a flood of feelings. So, if my story, or my photos, or my words resonated with you in any way, then I would love to connect and be honored to capture those moments, photos, and glimpses for you and yours.